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Work hard, cycle hard
I spent more than 30 years working as an IT consultant working on a computer getting backache, sore shoulders, and a fuzzy head.
Alongside work I had a passion for cycling, and it drove me to train hard and cycle fast. I loved doing Sportives in the UK and Europe, on the flat roads of Essex or the mountains of the Alps, Pyrenees, or Dolomites. I also competed in time trials and rode for Essex Roads Cycling club. I still hold the club record for fastest Veteran Mixed Team with David and Sue, completing my 25-mile Time Trial in 55 mins 54 secs @ 26.8 mph.

9 months of pain
One day after a long day at work I bent down and twisted to pick something up out of a cupboard. I felt my back give way and slipped a disc. For months I had a radiating pain down my leg seriously impacting my work and home life, and ability to cycle.

Poor of flexibility was the cause
After spending 9 months recovering, I realised that my lack of flexibility had caused my back injury. The combination of sitting down for long periods at work and cycling hard had shortened my hamstrings. The tight hamstrings restricted the tilt of my pelvis putting all the pressure on my lower back.

Long term flexibility gains
I started a journey to get flexible and never have the back issue again. I tried many ways to get flexible – sports massage, foam rolling and yin yoga. While they gave short term pain relief, they did not make him more flexible.
Then after looking at the science of stretching I discovered a targeted flexibility training method – a method of changing my body for the long term. I was sceptical to begin within but by practicing 15 mins per day, I managed to transform my flexibility in 6-8 weeks and have been pain free ever since.

Full Time Flexibility Coaching
I quit my job and am a full-time flexibility coach. I teach the structured, effective targeted flexibility training method to help people recover from injury, reduce aches and pains, improve their quality of life, and increase their self-confidence.

Get long term flexibility gains NOW
If you are suffering from tight hamstrings, locked up hips or stiff back I can help!

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